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Uganda Work Permit Class B

Applying for a Uganda work permit Class B can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Let Intergate Immigration make your application process as smooth as possible. Our experienced team of immigration experts and local representatives will help to ensure you suffer the minimum of aggravation in both the compilation and submission of your  Uganda work permit Class B.

The below information about Uganda work permit Class B is applicable to those individuals who are seeking to establish or become involved in the business of agriculture or husbandry in Uganda.

Background to Uganda Work Permit Class B

The Uganda Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control offer prospective applicants 7 different work permit classes under which applications can be made. It is essential that when applying for work permit the applicant files the application under the correct class of work permit.

The Uganda Work Permit Class B is applicable, as above, to those seeking to be in business in the agriculture or animal husbandry industry.

The qualifying criteria for a Uganda Work Permit Class B

Applicants for a class B work permit will need to:

1. Obtain permission to acquire suitable land. the area of which should be in keeping with the type of agriculture to be undertaken as well as of a suitable nature. applying for a Uganda Work Permit class B
2. Hold in his or her own right the amount prescribed by the responsible Ministry.
3. Meet and comply with the obligations imposed by regulations made under this Immigration Act.

The Application Requirements for a Uganda Class B work permit

  • Complete Entry / work permit form.
  • Provide 2 passport size photos.
  • Provide photocopies of their passport.
  • Attach a covering letter from company.
  • Supply the Land Title for the area in question.
  • Obtain a Uganda Investment Authority License.
  • Obtain a letter from Ministry of Agriculture regarding intended agriculture venture.
  • Get a recommendation from LC’s or RDC’s office.
  • Compile a work plan / Feasibility study of the project undertaken.
  • Provide a security bond.
  • Obtain an Interpol letter from home country.

Next steps

We offer a free consultation and advice service concerning prospective applications for Uganda work permits class B. Simply e-mail us here or telephone + 27 (0) 21 424 2460.