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Uganda Work Visa – read the options here

Uganda Work VisaIf you are considering an application for a Uganda Work Visa it is worth noting the philosophy behind the work visa regulations.

Most countries including Uganda attempt to ensure their work visa rules protect job opportunities for their citizens (in this case Ugandans). In addition, Uganda Work Visa rules also allow for the issuing of a Uganda Work Visa where appropriate for skilled workers and in areas where locals cannot fill the job requirements. The Uganda Work Visa rules and regulations are compiled and overseen by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration control.

There are basically 2 types of Work Visa Uganda to consider:

Class F work visas

These Uganda Work Visas can be applied for by certain professions that are prescribed under the regulations. The applicant for this type of Uganda Work Visa much ensure that they satisfy the immigration board

  1. That they are in possession of the appropriate professional qualifications.
  2. They have sufficient capital resources or an assured income that will provide financial backing to their planned intention.
  3. That they have registered with the appropriate Ugandan professional body.

Class G work visas

Whilst Uganda has an abundant reserve of unskilled and semi-skilled workers, immigrants who will contribute to the economy are welcomed. In general terms the prospective Uganda Work Visa applicant would not be in an occupation where there are sufficient local workers who can meet the Uganda’s needs.

A Class G Work Visas should be applied for by applicants who have accepted employment with a specific company or institution operating in Uganda.

Please note that no person intending to take on employment on a Uganda Work Visa class G may enter Uganda until after his or her application for the entry permit has been granted.

Enquiries for a Uganda Work Visa

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